Can I anchor/id places in my content files that are NOT headings?

I found out from the docs how to anchor and give custom id’s to headings.

The application of this is to make a sort of bibliography at the bottom of my blog post. For example:

Bulls don’t hate the color red. - [[Grandin, Improving Animal Welfare]]({{<ref “#Grandin”>}})

… (toward the bottom in the bibliography)

<a id="Grandin"> </a> <-- Need working replacement here
The retina of cattle is actually most sensitive to yellowish-green and bluish-purple light. The retina lacks a receptor for red. - Grandin, T. (Ed.). (2015). Improving animal welfare: a practical approach. Cabi.

If this functionality isn’t already in hugo, the workaround would probably be to just anchor to a heading such as ### References .

With Hugo’s default security settings, the only other way to insert an anchor is with a shortcode.

Most viable options:

  1. Use H6
  2. Use footnotes