Can Hugo be used to create a part of a website?

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Hugo and front-end development. I have a lot of experience developing iOS apps and some back-end experience. And I’m able to use Hugo to build a very simple website using the themes. The question is if I want to use Hugo to build only a part of a website, that will be totally feasible, right? For example, I use some tool to build, and also use Hugo to build as one project, and in another project, I use Hugo to build

Thanks in advance.

I guess that is is possible.

For example you can name the publishDir as part2 and then incorporate it in your project (manually or otherwise). Also you would need to set the baseURL value so that it points to /part2 either as a relative or absolute path.

To avoid problems outputting assets make sure not to use a forward slash at the beginning when referencing them in your templates. Use the relPermalink or the relURL functions.

see: Configure Hugo | Hugo

Definitively possible. Some thought needed to get all path correct.