Can files and folders in the public folder be uploaded to S3 as is (manually)?


After doing the command ‘Hugo’, I get a public folder with the following content. Can I just upload these to S3 through AWS console?

[folders] categories,css,english,french,images,js,plugins,tags

I think bep has some s3 deploy thing, but I keep forgetting to check it out. See:

Also Rclone will copy the files (but doesn’t have bep’s extra magic).

See also:

Only using the S3 backend instead of SFTP (see the Rclone docs for S3).


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@cshoredaniel, thank you! I will explore what you have sent!

Yes, no problem. You can upload them to any web host that can serve HTML.

Hugo has a built in command to upload to some cloud services, including S3.

For S3, take a look here to find out how to set up S3 for web hosting.


Got it, thank you!

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