Can a Section sub-folder define a Type

I understand a Section defines a Type as per: and that we can specify Type in Frontmatter.

However I wonder if there is a way to enable a Section’s sub-folder to specify a Type so I don’t need to specify it in Frontmatter,

ex. Files located in /content/home/features/ would have a type of features instead of home

@nevf what you’re talking about here is really nested sections, which is not currently supported but IS on the Hugo roadmap. Until then, and I’m not 100% sure on what you’re trying to accomplish, Hugo won’t assume a type based on a subsection, so your best bet is to manually declare the type in your front matter…

@rdwattersThanks, yes I am declaring the type in the frontmatter, but being lazy and liking to write less code I was looking for a shortcut. :slight_smile:

FYI my home page is made up of a number of sub-sections using partials and each one is a different type.

Good to hear nested sections are on the Road map.