Camel Cased Parameters in Front Matter not available

After getting sick of TOML’s way of structuring nested arrays/hash I converted all my Front Matters with hugo convert toYAML --unsafe command and adjusted the very few it couldn’t handle manually and everything was, apparently, working fine.

Apparently because there’s a line in my listing template that performs an isset check over an argument grouped along others in a array/hash like this:

  headline: "Lorem ipsum dolor"
  duration: "PT21M57S"
  image: "path/to/big/picture/image.jpg"
  height: 720
  width: 1280
  embedURL: "some_youtube_URL"
  uploadDate: "2017-03-27T22:47:00-03:00"

The … means that there are more parameters before and after this block.

This array/hash is used to create meta tags accordingly to Since all meta tags are related to a video and the video URL is defined under embedURL in my template I have:

{{ if isset .Params.meta "embedurl" }}
Do something
{{ else }}
No video sources found
{{ end }}

Back when all Front Matters were created in TOML that line worked flawlessly, afterall I had taken in account Hugo’s weird choice to lowercase all parameter names.

But since I converted to YAML this test always returns false and thus always reaches the {{ else }}.

And I’ve tested quite a bit and this only happens with the camel cased arguments. In the partial I use to generate these meta tags (personal preference over a {{ range }}) I have, for example:

{{ with (.Params.meta.headline) }}<meta itemprop="headline" content="{{ . | plainify }}">{{ end }}

And it works perfectly but doing the same for .Params.meta.embedurl (or the original the camel cased format) doesn’t work and the line is not even rendered.

What’s going on?