Calling subsection?

Hello, there’s something I don’t get with section calls.
I have


if i do
{{ $firstBranch := where .Data.Pages "Section" "first-branch" }}
it’ok page=X
if if do
{{ $child-of-first-branch := where .Data.Pages "Section" "child-of-first-branch" }}
not ok page=0

all have

What i have missed to call subsection ?

I think you will find it easier to work with the built-in methods, e.g.:

{{ $first := .Site.GetPage "first-branch" }}
{{ $children := $first.Pages }} // Pages and sections
{{ $sections : = $first.Sections }} // Sections only

With the above and related methods you can recurse down the tree.

ok so

{{ $child-of-first-branch := .Site.GetPage "Section" "first-branch/child-of-first-branch" }}

and if i want to range

{{ range last 3 $child-of-first-branch.Pages }}

Thank you master @bep :wink:

I guess the above also works, but this is simpler:

{{ $child-of-first-branch := .Site.GetPage “first-branch/child-of-first-branch” }}

If you have a look at the docs, there are lots of useful section related methods.