Built to localhost

For the record, hugo built from a package.json script to the dev environment (localhost instead of .Site.BaseURL values)

I haven’t seen it do this before.

Anything with package.json comes from the theme you are using. Hugo by itself does not use node.

When you run the hugo command to build your site it will use the baseURL value from the Hugo configuration.

You can override that with hugo --baseUrl, my guess is that this is what is being done in package.json.

With a link to your repo no guessing is needed.

Right well, the post was about the cinematographer on Jaws, Rocky, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but it was a placeholder post, so blatantly I sent hugo server --buildDrafts to the shell (via syntax highlighting wrapper, with fat arrow prompt) :smirk: . My bad.

Then there were 2 Hugo processes. But those cant get confused, not from the script, which sends just hugo, prod not dev. Unless there is something new in recent version updates relating to absURL calling baseURL, in which case I should certainly come back to you a little less cryptically, since you guys are golden and always respond intelligently and professionally from the mother ship :+1: :ear: .

Seems a bit grandiose to suspect package.json got it wrong, you know, the buildings are still here, but you could be right there. If the problem wasn’t a one off, editing specificity into the script should certainly solve it going forward.

Will let you know if it happens again.