Bug: taxonomyTerm Kind output format config is ineffective


With playing with RSS/Atom feed generation today, I have found another issue with outputformats configuration.

I am using Hugo built from latest master.


taxonomyTerm = ["HTML", "RSS", "ATOM"]

The ATOM output format does not get generated.

And with:

taxonomyTerm = ["HTML"]

The RSS output format still gets generated!

Here is my complete ATOM media type and outputs config:

    suffix = "xml"

  # https://validator.w3.org/feed/docs/atom.html#whatIsAtom
  mediaType = "application/atom"
  baseName = "atom" # generated file = <baseName>.<mediaType."application/atom".suffix> = atom.xml
  isPlainText = false

  home = ["HTML", "RSS", "ATOM"] # default = ["HTML", "RSS"]
  section = ["HTML", "RSS", "ATOM"] # posts/atom.xml
  taxonomy = ["HTML", "RSS", "ATOM"] # tags/foo/atom.xml
  # Fri Mar 23 17:57:08 EDT 2018 - kmodi
  # There's some issue on Hugo 0.38-DEV (older versions too)..  The "ATOM"
  # output format is not getting generated for taxonomyTerm.
  taxonomyTerm = ["HTML", "RSS", "ATOM"] # tags/atom.xml

I am using layouts/_default/list.atom.xml template file for generating atom.xml for all of the above Kinds of pages.

How to recreate this issue

git clone https://gitlab.com/kaushalmodi/kaushalmodi.gitlab.io.git --recurse-submodules site
cd site/
# No atom.xml found in public/tags/
# But you will find it at public/tags/hugo/ and other expected places.

We should try to keep 1 thread or GitHub issue per … issue. Double posting just creates noise that has to be handled in two places.

Can you please close this here in Discourse?

The reason I first create the issue here is to see if there’s anything obvious I am missing…

But after considerable time spent in testing and verifying these issues, and documenting them, with detailed steps to recreate them, I have no doubt that this is a bug.

(The same for the other bug report too. Close that one in Discourse too.)

Well, then that is fine; to me it looked like issues/topic created at the same time.