BreadcrumbList is missing the name element


I’ve added my blog website to the Google search console and found out BreadcrumbList JSON-LD is not working well. I have the following issue for every blog post and tag pages. Last ListItem is missing some elements: name, type etc.

      "@type": "BreadcrumbList",
      "@id": "http://localhost:1313/create-land-cover-maps-like-a-pro.html#/schema/breadcrumb/1",
      "name": "Breadcrumbs",
      "itemListElement": [{
        "@type": "ListItem",
        "position":  1 ,
        "item": {
          "@type": "WebPage",
          "@id": "http://localhost:1313/",
          "url": "http://localhost:1313/",
          "name": "Home"
        "@type": "ListItem",
        "position":  2 ,
        "item": {
          "@id": "http://localhost:1313/create-land-cover-maps-like-a-pro.html/"

ListItem 1 contains type, id, url, and name elements but Listitem 2 only contains id and missing the name element, which is not considered a rich element by Google.

Is there a solution to fix this? I’m not sure about the underlying issue here. I have checked other Hugo websites created with the same template, and they don’t have this issue.

I’m using hinode template

I suggest you post your question here: