Blog description body not showing up

This is what it looks like in my config file:
{ format: "md", label: "Posts", name: "postsEn", path: "content/english/blog", frontmatterFormat: "yaml", match: { include: "**/*", exclude: "_index", }, fields: [ ...blog_postFields(), ], },

Inside of blog_postFields, I have:
{ type: "rich-text", name: "description", label: "Description", isBody: true, },

I have text in my blogs, but they’re not showing up. Example:

There is only one that does show up text:

But in the CMS it shows empty:

If I try to add the text in there, the same problem as the others shows up

The rest of my code is here:

Is there something I haven’t set up correctly?
Thanks in advance

Your markdown/front matter is inconsistent.

Correct (content in front matter):


Incorrect (content not in front matter):

You have a Tina issue, not a Hugo issue.