Beta version of a GitHub-compatible link-handling module

I’ve finally documented my Hugo link handling module (and renamed the repo, but that’s another story)[1]

and consider it ready for beta testing. I’d love to hear constructive comments or issues with the module, and hope that at this point it can already be useful to some folks.

This module does not use JavaScript and is not yet JavaScript ready (that is it doesn’t (yet) support e.g. data or onclick attributes), and the actual module is pure Hugo; there is some dev scaffolding for doing CI and basic ‘testing’ that uses a couple of programs written in NodeJS, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to do so.

I do tend to verbosity(-) and what (I hope) is maintainable vs. clever or one-liner/compact code(+) in my templates.

In any event it’s available for those who wish to take a look.

I forgot to say: this is inspired by GitHub - bep/portable-hugo-links: A test repo to test out the new Markdown Render Hooks in Hugo 0.62.0

[1]: I renamed the module so that the most specific part of the name is on the left since in my editor the repo name is often truncated in the ‘quick list’ and I use an LTR language (English).