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Hi all,

I started blogging a few months back using Hugo and a custom theme, but, I dropped it in favor of WordPress. Now the itch has returned and I am considering going back to Hugo. But, having used WordPress, I found a few features that are very important for me to run a successful magazine.

  1. Lazy Loading of Images.
  2. Responsive image delivery
  3. Search
  4. Contact Form
  5. Alternate to Disqus comments

If you are running a blog/magazine, would you be willing to let me know what tools you use for these features? It will be very helpful in my decision to either switch to Hugo or stay with WP.

The remaining items on my list are a good CMS (like Netlify or, image minimization (I can use an online service before uploading my images), Social Sharing buttons without JS, Schema, Twitter-cards, and other SEO-related markups in the HTML. I feel confident about these topics.

Thanks, all!

Edit: I typed modification instead of minimization

All of the things you mention are rather easy to implement in a Hugo site. I have listed some solutions next to each topic.

  • Lazy Loading of Images: Native or Lazysizes.js
  • Responsive image delivery: Many options; Hugo Native image processing, Cloudinary, imgix etc.
  • Search: Fuse.js, lunr.js, algolia
  • Contact Form: Many options; Netlify forms, formcarry etc.
  • Alternate to Disqus comments: staticman
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Thank you for the links and suggestions. I’ll take a look at this!

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