Best practice to generate recipe on food blog?

Im very interested for suggestions regarding creation of the recipe that will appear somewhere in the middle of a post on food blog. It’s also good to take into account that the new recipes will be submitted by my girlfriend, so I’m looking for some solution that would work well with forestry CMS.

I prepared the design that looks like this:

So far I found one example where you put ingredients in front matter. But is suspect that is too basic for my example. Is it ok to write it in markdown instead of putting it in front matter?

date = “2017-05-23T22:38:56+02:00”
draft = false
title = “Apple Jam”
layout = “recipe”

description = “Jam made of apples tastes awesome.”

text = “Apples”
url = “apples.jpg”

amount = 1
unit = “kg”
name = “apples”

amount = 0.5
unit = “dl”
name = “water”

amount = 5
unit = “dl”
name = “sugar”


  1. Scale and kernel of the apples. Place the peeled apple slices in a bowl of cold water so that they do not darken.
  2. Lift the apples to a saucepan and add water. Boil on low heat and stir regularly. Stir the sugar when the apples soften (feel a test piece). Let boil again.
  3. Mix the mash to the desired consistency with a rod mixer.
  4. In the fridge the mash stays for 1-2 weeks. In freezer it will last up to a year.

How would you guys tackle this problem. I appreciate any help. I would like to found a good solution and when I’ll finish this page I would like to make it open source, so others can use this recipe template for them.

Have a good day everybody

The nice thing about putting ingredients in front matter is that you can easily change the presentation down the road.

The not-so-nice thing is that less technical users may have trouble with TOML syntax.

The other benefit of placing ingredients into the front matter is that you’d be able to filter recipes by ingredient.

Also, I’d think about simplifying the structure - do you really need separate fields for units and amounts? You might do, I don’t know.

YAML might be a more pleasant format for using in this case.

I haven’t tried such thing yet but it’s most likely possible to list the ingredients in a nested list like:

  - apples:
    - amount: 0.5
    - unit: dl
  - water:
    - amount: 0.5

Great. I will play a bit with front matter. The reason why I want to have separate fields for amount and unit is to have the ability to implement conversion between metric and imperial measuring systems.

Thanks for yaml nested list suggestion. When I found a good solution I will let you know.