Best practice coding a compagny website with HUGO

Hello, I just had a conversation with some coworkers. Some are thinking that all the pages must be coded in the of content/concernedpage/ . This method presents an obvious advantage to allow the next coders to use a bunch of shortcodes they created to code a webpage really fast (you put a list of shorcodes with changing parameters) then it is displayed by a generic single.html looking like this : {{ define "main" }}{{.Content}}{{ end }}. My opinion would be to code everything in the layouts (except the blog post for exemple) to benefit the logic of Hugo like the {{range}} or {{if}}.But the counterbalance is that you cannot use shortcodes in the layouts or you have to do some tricky moves with .Scratch ect … and it 's a pretty great loss of time. For you, which one is better practice ?

No, but you can use partials with almost the same code/logic

And you can do that:

shortcode service.html

{{ partial "service.html" . }}

Thanks for your quick reply. But is it possible to pass information to partial without using .Scrath ? Because the benefit of shortcodes is to send a bunch of information like this {{< a-title-4-card-hover-links icon_1="fas fa-sign-in-alt" title="sometitle" >}} and reuse them directly in the shortcode to make it generic.

Have a look at the dcumentation.
You can pass a dict to the partial. So PLENTY of parameters

Example I use everywhere for assets/images

{{ partial "image_asset.html" (dict "context" . "path" .image "size" "x150" "action" "Resize" "title" .title) }}

I do not understand what it means and what they are trying to achieve.
I suspect that this team comes from an other language/logic. If you try to think in the way hugo works, all will be smooth, instead of trying to force hugo to works the way they think.

Let s image the site’s root is They think that the page should be coded in /content/schedules/ using a lot of shorcodes(like a centered section with image at the top and text under). My opinion would be to code in the /layout/schedules/list.html. But thanks you answered my question


IMO i prefer to structure my site in the layouts. Much more powerfull. You can even get further with page type/layouts defined in your frontmatter case by case

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