Beginner: should I create a theme or use default?

Hi all…

I’m new to Hugo since last week but since then bought a domain, set up github + netlify, learned how to install NPM and bootstrap 5 without a CDN and now ready to start theming.

Love it.

I would like to ask if it makes any sense now to actually create my own theme or simply to use the default layout folders.

Does it affect the site itself in the long run? Build times etc…

Tia for any guidance and best practices.

Always learning and having fun!

I prefer to build a theme because that makes it simple to reuse it. I have my own base theme that I use on all sites I build with Hugo.

The site layout/asset/etc. folders are mostly used to override things in the theme you are using.

But nothing stops you from skipping the theme. No performance difference.

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OK As there is no performance difference then I’ll go ahead and stick all my current defaults into a separate theme.

Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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