[Basin] New form service that sounds pretty good

From their site:

“Stop writing form endpoints.
Collect submission data and track conversions with no backend coding required.”

Conversion Tracking
Same success metrics Google Analytics gives you with less setup time.

Auto Responses
Thank people who submit to your forms with personalized confirmation emails.

CSV Export
Your data is your data. Export it at any time in an easy to view format.

Multi-page Support
Display a single form on as many site pages as you want.

Spam Filtering
Forget about annoying spam emails. We filter them so you don’t have to.

File Uploads
Add a file upload field to your form and let people add attachments securely.

Custom Redirect
Send your form submitters to a custom success page or any other valid URL.

AJAX Ready
You can use Basin forms via AJAX, and they work cross origin by default.

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That looks interesting. Does someone has experience with Basin? Googling didn’t show me other people’s experiences.

There are several services like this. My favourite currently is FormCarry (Zapier integration).

Check out The Power of Serverless from Chris Coyier at Css-Tricks:

Also have a look at www.formsparrow.com :slight_smile: