baseURL not set for multihost and multilanguage

I am using Hugo 0.36 64-bit under Windows 10. After my multilingual site with a multihost setup stopped generating content. I first noticed it using version 0.35. I isolated the following case:
For the configuration as follows:
baseURL = “Site-1”
baseURL = “Site-2”

Site-1 and Site-2 are URLs - I can put only 2 links, so kept it for the original Github issue.
I get the error that baseURL is not set as a flag nor as a configuration parameter. The debug output shows that Hugo does map languages: en and pl to their respective baseURLs.
The same configuration file used to have more attributes, such as languageName and title, but the result was the same.
The generation does not stop, but proceeds. There are no content files generated, but just index files for both languages in their respective subfolders in the public directory. A test static file is copied from the static directory.
I created 4 markdown file with just the basic required frontmatter and content containing just 2 lines of text.
content: index . en . md and index . pl . md are genrated…
/ test: test . en . md and test . pl . md are not generated at all.
The debug output does not show any missing templates. The layout directory has on purpose just _default / single.html and index.html files. There is just a call to: {{ .content }} inside.
A site with no content, and no static files, but just a config.toml file gets the same error. When I overwrite the baseURL value at the commandline, the site does get generated without errors though.
I put spaces before periods for the parser here treated file names as links.
The original Github issue does contain my test site in a zip file called attached:

Any help very appriciated. Pawel

I’m adding the following new information…
Hugo generates the site in multihost mode when launched with a “server” flag. There is no error about the baseURL not set. However exactly the same site is not generated when launched as a regular command. When I use the “hugo” command I get the error about baseURL not set.


I have a site with the exact site setup that I have confirmed works for both server and “regular hugo”.

If you could link to the site source – or somehow give me access to it (via mail or PM), then I can better see what’s happening.


Hi Bjorn,

Here is the link to my basic site:

A basic config.toml, 2 pages, each in 2 languages, and an ultra simple
single.html in _default with {{ .Content }} to minimize the chance for
errors. There is also a text file with the debug output with an interesting
line marked with: ### Interesting line.

I will run some 5 or 6 multilingual sites soon, and having them under single
contentDir in teach case will be a lifesaver.

Thanks for help!

I will look at your site tomorrow.

Yes, this is a bug. But there is a simple workaround, see: