Base template not loading

I have created a directory called _default and created a file baseof.html under it.

But when I load the Hugo site on my local machine the baseof.html file doesnt load, instead I just see what was there before

I am a Hugo newb, am currently going through the Mike Dane tutorials on Youtube.


Your baseof.html looks fine, so I assume problem lives elsewhere.

Note that a base template does not make sense. You need some other template(s) to make it work. And for them to use the base template, they need to “define” one or more of the sections, e.g. `{{ define “main” }}"


thanks I understand now. I created single and list templates which fixed the problem. I thought I created them first time around and it didnt work so I deleted them and started from scratch incorrectly assuming the problem was the baseof file.

thanks for your help

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