Automated linking - wiki-like behaviour

I wonder what it would take to implement automated linking of pages? With a function that parsed all pages, and replaced text matching the title of any other page with a link to that page, a Hugo site could immediately gain some of the power of a wiki.

It could either be applied at the point of rendering the site, or (optionally) actually re-write the sources to include the links permanently.

I guess this might be difficult to achieve with an acceptable level of performance for a large number of pages, but perhaps with the raw speed of a Golang-based system like Hugo…?


I kind of forgot about this. Yes, I’ll imagine that this would be useful to many.

I don’t think Blackfriday is the correct target for a fix (I don’t think you will get it merged, as it is too special).

Here is my thought:

  • Add this link conversion logic in the same way that the SourceRelativeLinks feature works. That feature is in badly need of some maintainance, btw.
  • It should not hurt performance, so a flag would only be needed if there are some ambiguity involved (i.e. matching the wrong links).

That sounds great for a doc site.