Assign a class to specific table?

Hi all. I’m making a series of markdown pages in content meant to be experienced one after the other or selected from a table of contents. I’d like to embed links to the previous page, ToC and next page at the bottom of each page.

However, just having the links vertically stacked atop one another looks really bad. I’d like to have all three links on one line, with the the previous page link against the left side of main, the next page link against the right side of main and the ToC link in the middle between the two.

A table row seemed like a natural fit for this (though I’m willing to take suggestions otherwise), but many of my pages already have tables. I can’t style informational tables and navigational tables with the same CSS. How can I use markdown to assign a specific class to the navigational table, so that I can style it separately?

You can apply classes to most block level elements in markdown using markdown attributes. This article might be helpful.

Thanks @jmooring, that’s exactly what I needed.

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