Asset Pipeline with remote resource

Context: I am using a asset pipeline to get, minify, and fingerprint css assets.

I have one resource that I would like to minify and include locally on every build but this css file is external to the site. It is a company controlled file that I want to get the latest on every build. Is there a way to use hugo to read and build a asset locally from a remote file?

Still a newb to hugo, so maybe missing something similar to resource.Get that will read a file over http.

Unfortunately this is not currently possibleā€¦

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A simple option is possible but not with only Hugo.
Needs a small script before running hugo.

  • use curl to get the lastest version of your script(s).
  • put this uptodate script(s) in your assets folder.
  • run hugo and process them.

Not really clean but simple.


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