Archetypes / mmark


I’m using an old version of Hugo (0.21) and by curiosity i tested the latest version (0.26) :slight_smile:

I noticed some changes of the archetypes in 0.24 ; the doc is not updated, so I had to dig a bit to find how thing works,

I noticed some problems with mmark and this archetype change:

  • when creating a new mmark with ‘hugo new hello.mmark’ the default archetype is not used (it works with a .md)

  • the archetype don’t support “/” in its content (it worked before) so including another mmark in an archetype won’t work

( you can include another mmark in a mmark with the {{/directory/filetoinclude.mmark}} )

thanks for the updates!

Is that a form of transclusion? I am not sure why hugo would include that, as it doesn’t parse it through mmark, ne?

Yes it takes another external markdown that you can edit and includes in other markdown files.

About this thread: i gave up the mmark format to get back to standard .md markdown files, since not a lot of Hugo users uses mmark it’s hard to get support. And that include feature was the only reason I was using it anyway :slight_smile: cheers!