Appending Partials Archetypes

Hi. Is there a way utilising a CLI command for a partials archetype be appended to a pages frontmatter?

Usage case being I am using dynamic partials on a page and want it to be a bit easier for someone adding a particular partial to a page to be able to just run the command for the partial they want to add instead of copying and pasting the required parameters.

For example,

I have a file archetypes/blocks/ which contains the following:

- template: 
  block: main-header
  header: H1 Header
  subheader: H2 Header
  desc: Description line

Is there a command such as Hugo new blocks/block-main-header --file that would then append that data to the file so that a user wouldn’t have to manually go and copy and paste the required data?

No, there is not.