Any chance logf infof debugf functions might materialize? or... how should one emit logs?

The official Hugo function list has an entry for errorf / warnf… however there’s nothing that comes up when searching for ‘log’ on the documentation site…

so I’m not sure how best to emit log for dev observation/experimentation while developing a site / building locally…

(ie dump this object, print an amalgamated string, emit the context from which I was called, etc) I can do this with warnf… but it feels like there aught be logf/infof/debugf functions to go hand-in-hand semantically with errorf/warnf … or am I missing something obvious :slight_smile:

This has been discussed before, and the project lead is justifiably hesitant to add such a function.


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I searched here for ‘log’ ‘function’ and didn’t find any matches… otherwise I’d have commented on that thread…

The debug repo[1] mentioned there SEEMS :slight_smile: really helpful… This is the first I’ve ever heard of it tho!

how might its existence be more widely known through



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