All in one Optimization tools for hugo?

Hello, just curious if yall have any all in one tools that allow you to optimize hugo for performance and speed.

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Hugo by it self is quite fast. What exactly do you want to optimise?

Im looking for some boiler or scaffold that has css js minimizing, critical path rendering, image optimizing, and such in it with hugo

You might want to loo into or wait for the next hugo version (Coming Soon: SASS support and more)

I’m using Webpack in my theme. It’s quite easy to integrate.

  1. Initialize a new npm package
  2. Add webpack as a dependency and the other loaders you need (sass, …)
  3. Configure webpack (for example
  4. Create some SASS and JavaScript in the appropriate folders (assets/…)
  5. Include the stuff in your baseof.html (<script src='{{ "script.js" | absURL }}' type="text/javascript" ></script>).
  6. Run the webpack dev server along with the hugo dev server. They like each other. When you change sass file, webpack builds and then hugo detects the change.