All goes wrong when I host publicly!

So I am trying to build my first Hugo website and having some issues now I am trying to launch it to the world.

I have a basic site on the cupper theme and it renders find when I am running it locally on my Windows machine. However, when I put it on GitHub and publish it to a Azure Static Web App it doesn’t render any of the theme.

I can’t seem to figure out what is going wrong, probably because I’ve been staring at it to long.

The site is located at:
The code is at:

Any pointers?


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just clear your public and docs directory and rebuild
hugo -d public

you seem to be pointing to a version before you entered baseURL in your config

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Thanks for the help. Not I just need to figure out why the menu renders locally but not online. Hugo does not seem to want to make things easy for me. lol

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