Advice on how to implement Fontawesome needed!

Hi, I need some good advice on how to install and use Fontawesome on my site. I use “navigator-hugo” by Themefisher right now and it seems not to have FA included.

I just need a good step-by-step description on how to do it myself. I think it is very easy for those of you that have done it a dozen times or more :wink:

Thank you in advance


Link your theme’s website and we can have a look. I did add Fontawesome quite normally like npm install fontawesome and then added an include path parameter to my own scss file. It depends on the theme how additional styles are added. Most (good) themes are giving you the opportunity to add a stylesheet file that will be included when the theme is compiled. In that case put the fontawesome files into the static directory and add to that stylesheet file the fontdefinitions.

Hi Pkollitsch and thanks for the answer. However I only have a local site in which I want to test out fontawesome. What I want to know is what files to download, the locations to store them and basic usage, i.e how to use them (reference them) in my template, for example list.html and single.html. I have an idea regarding using icons for my taxonomies (categories and tags). I saw some examples from Hugo Bootstrap4 theme and Love It theme. So I just mean simple basic step-by-step instructions.


look at

If you “create a kit”, all is done. You get the line to include on your sites - like this

<script src=></script>

Thanks ju52. Is there some special page I can put this on (the script)? I mean globally so that I can do it once and use it wherever I want… only reference to it. I know a lot on html so that should be easy.

I don’t know what theme you use.

look in /layout/_default/baseof.html, if there is a meta or head partial above {{ block “main” . }}
it should land between <head> and </head>

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Here is one example of how you could integrated it with Bulma/SASS:

Ju52, I think you forgot to finish the sentence (as I perceive it) … but I’ve located baseof.html in the folder you mention… By the way I use navigator-hugo.

Thanks bep, I use navigator-hugo theme by Themefisher. But I can take a look at it if I switch to Bulma/SASS. I can also check your description on the theme I use right now to see if it works…