Adding metadata to sections

I am unable to figure this out on my own from the documentation and hope that someone here can assist me. Is it possible to have section-level metadata? e.g.

  1. I have different sections of my site such as writing and photography, and I would like to specify that their titles should be writing and photography (instead of writings and photographies as hugo is trying to make them).
  2. I would like to specify some variables common to all items in a section in a common place rather than in each item’s front matter.

It appears from other discussion threads on this forum that this might not be possible, though this post has a workaround:

I will attempt this, but if anyone could point me to something more elegant, I will be keen to learn about it. Thanks!

Currently you need some hacky workaround.

But this situation will improve once I or someone else gets some hours to spare, see:

Thank you!