Adding images to content

Hey! I used GitHub to host my website and coded on GitHub. I wanted to add one image to content. I used:


and I can see this image on the “preview”. However, I can’t see it on my website.

This is that post:

Here is the GitHub page:

I added all images to this file named static :wink: Many thanks in advance!!

When generating your site all content from static is copied to your sites root.

Omit the /static when referencing the image


Hi irkode, thank you very much! I did try, but it didn’t work. I still can’t see the image on my website;(

Your site is single-hosted multilingual so this may affect it:

(And the site is served from a subfolder. So you might try to add your root folder img00…)

Solved by using the mount option from the docs.

Thank you so much irkode! The issue was fixed!

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