Adding a simple imprint page

Hi all, apologies for the simplicity of this question, but I have to get some advice finally.

I created a new hugo site and installed the ‘tale’ theme. I want to create a basic blog. Now I need to have an imprint page, which I need to make accessible from all pages.

so I created a simple page similar to the about page at:


title: "Imprint"
date: 2019-01-23T16:13:37+01:00
author: hansamann

# Impressum

Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG

Max Muster 

This seems to have picked up some default layout and worked fine… but now no more. In between I’ve changed the url in config.toml but now changed it all back again.

So… how do I add a single page to my site?

All right - I read this excellent blog tutorial:

I figured out the default archetype made the imprint page a draft, hence no rendering and it was missing. I also created folders for each static single page now and placed the content in a _index.html file therein.

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