Add customized shortcode

As a developer, I’d like to add new shortcode to zen theme.
This theme has useful shortcodes, so I want to customize and add new ones.
I have add new html in layouts/shortcodes, js in assets/js like search or contact but can’t find self-defined shortcodes.
To add new shortcodes, what should I do?

You are doing it right… can you elaborate on what goes wrong?

Actaully I forked from origin repo and modified forked repo.
Then run go get, go conflicted module by name.

go: parsing go.mod:
        module declares its path as:
                but was required as:

So I cant check what repo I am using now.

You should change the module path in go.mod as well if you’re going to use your fork.


go 1.18

If you want to see your shortcodes to be merged into upstream theme, please create a PR (without changing the go.mod) and waiting for reviewing.