Accessing site params from nested partial? Or correct way to nest?

I’m trying to write a secondary homepage, one that is formatted just like the main homepage but uses site params like:


and my partials look like


But inside my partials, I can’t read the .Site.Params.Toolbox.nav, it gives me: can't evaluate fiel d enable in type interface {}

Anyone know what i’m doing wrong, or how I should be structuring my site differently? (It’s a multi-“one-page” site) Thanks!

To clarify, I’m accessing via layouts/toolbox/single.html as my root.

Passing down context correctly: {{ partial "toolbox/hero.html" . }}


{{ with .Site.Params.toolbox }}
{{ if .legal.enable }}
  <a href="#" data-nav-section="legal">{{ with }}{{ . | markdownify }}{{ end }}</a>
{{ end }}
{{ end }}

throws error at <.legal.enable>: can't evaluate field enable in type interface {}

I’ve solved it. I was using [[params.toolbox.hero]] instead of [params.toolbox.hero]