Accessing keys like @context in json-Files

I have some json-ld files (residing in the data folder), which i would like to use as a data resource, but i can’t access keys starting with ‘@’.

Here an example: The File data/myBusiness.json

        "@context": "",
        "@type" : "Organization",
        "name"  : "nameOfMyBusiness"

I can access the key “name” in templates, so that “nameOfMyBusiness” is displayed in the Browser

{{ }}

When I try the same with keys starting with ‘@’ I get the following error message:

{{ .Site.Data.myBusiness.@context }}

parse failed: bad character U+0040 '@'

So, my Question is: How can I access keys with an ‘@’ in hugo templates?

See if this works for you as well:

Thank you for help! Even if I did not understand your example, the reference to the index function brought me to the following solution:

{{ index .Site.Data.myBusiness "@context" }}

Would you be so kind to give me a hint where I can find something about the notation with the colon like in your example “ga:session” in the documentation?