Accessing a param from a different language

I have 2 languages, en and fil.

I have a shortcode in both of them that gets:

  <li>{{ .Params.pages }}</li>
  <li>{{ .Params.year }}</li>

Even though they have the same value, i usually update both of them.

How can I make the shortcode in the fil language get the param I give to the en language?

Thank you.


   pages = "text"

are global, shared between languages if you use: .Site.Params.pages

per language, each of them can have their own, like

   pages = "text"

I’m afraid I can’t figure it out.

So if I have set a pages param in a blog post in English language, how can I access that param to the Filipino language?

could you show your hugo.toml config file or best, full repo


I’m afraid it’s a page param and not a site param. Thank you for you help.

Thanks you.

Maybe I’ll try creating a data file to be shared between translations.