Access grouped page array

I have a functioning template partial for my sidebar that lists the years of posts:

<aside class="card mb-3" id="widget_archive">
	<h3 class="card-header">
	<div class="card-body">
		<div class="card-text grid-container">
			{{ range (where .Site.Pages "Section" "posts").GroupByDate "2006" "desc" }}
				{{ range first 1 .Pages }}
				<a href="/archiv/{{ .Date.Format "2006" }}">
					{{ .Date.Format "2006" }}
				{{ end }}
			{{ end }}

It works now, but the {{ range first 1 .Pages }} seems to be triggering the famous “hey, in 0.58 it won’t work anymore” message.

Question 1: Is this a false positive?
Question 2: I have the faint feeling that this code is not really the optimal thing to do what I want to do (a list of links per year of posts in my blog).

If that partial is used in the homepage then you will need to use .Site.RegularPages. If this is not used in the homepage then you’re fine.

There have been several topics about creating blog archives in the forum. But your code sample looks ok. Why are you having second thoughts about it?