About updating Hugo to latest versions

Hello friends, I’m quite new to Hugo and I’ve done my first installation last week, locally on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 with “snap”:

which I’ve successfully deployed to GiLab Pages:

At that time latest version was 0.25.1

Then, on August 7th we had a Hugo upgrade to version 0.26

Today I’ve tried to upgrade, and considering that it’s my first time I would like to be sure that I proceeded the right way…

Basically, I’ve done a simple sudo snap refresh hugo:

and I have two questions:

Is it ok that prompt said snap “hugo” has no updates available ?
(That initially made me think the update was not available via snap… fortunately I did a hugo version and could see the current was changed to latest 0.26)

Is all this enough to consider the update complete ?
(As expected, doing a git status confirms that after an update there is nothing that must be commited remotely on GitLab Pages…)

Thanks a lot for any useful tips regarding the update process that I’m eventually missing


  1. snaps refresh themselves, one of the benefits of using them. So hugo via snap will update itself, usually within 12 hours of the snap package being updated. Of course you can refresh and do it manually. :slight_smile:
  2. hugo isn’t part of your repo. It is installed on your computer, but only your site files are committed to your repo. Very cool, huh? While there will be changes between versions of Hugo, usually there will be no difference for a given site, unless a new feature conflicts with how a template was written. In that case it is best to come here to the fora and check to see if it is happening for others.

Looks like your update process is working out well, and you were perturbed because it was easy. We all win!

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Thanks a lot maiki, with your additional tips the picture is even much more clear! :sunglasses: