A taxonomy with the same name as a content type / section?

A site i’m converting to hugo has these permalinks

example.com/videos/ - list page
example.com/videos/overview - single piece of video content
example.com/videos/dashboards - list page showing all video content with video taxonomy and term dashboards

I created a content folder named videos and a matching section template videos.html to manage the top level page.

I also have a layouts/taxonomy/video.html taxonomy template. As well as a layouts/videos/single.html for the single video content

Both my video content and video taxonomy terms are now being generated in /public/videos which seems to work fine.

I added .Type and .Kind to the templates to check Hugo is recognizing each piece when built which it is.

Does anyone see any potential problems with this configuration? If a term matches a single piece of content file name I can see that being a problem.