A content bot for Data driven hugo websites

Hi all, not sure if this post belongs here.

I run a heavy data-driven content portal so I built a bot (golang) to help with data aggregation and automated export to Hugo. It also offers a customizable API that can be helpfull with getJSON calls.

Hope this can be useful to someone else.


wow, this is cool!

I do not understand how this code fits in to Hugo. :thinking:

Does your code poll and gather data from multiple sources and then combine, filter and format the data so it can be used by a Hugo Generated site using a getJSON call?

How does one use it?

Yes, it actually generates the data directly on the hugo data dir.

Yes It’s also possible as you can register your own API endpoints which can communicate the data back to Hugo when you want to pull the data straight from templates.

As an example, on bitcointechweekly.com I generate a unique Bitcoin donation address for every new article posted by our authors by using getJSON on a custom API endpoint. Since hugobot is connected to an sqlite db, you can fill any data you wish and either export it or expose it through the API. So to be clear this feature is not really related to the automated content fetching.

Sorry I didn’t have time to thoroughly document the project yet, will do it as soon as I have some time.

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As a newbie, I am looking forward to your documenting the project. Thanks!