404 error - incorrect definition of the language

Hey. I have a page 404 on the site. It uses the 404.html template. I have 2 languages: English by default and Russian.
When I open the site at http://site.com/404.html, the page with the Russian language opens. How to make sure that page 404 always opens in English?

This is a known limitation with the 404 (search for issue on GH) – I suggest you create a simpler and more language agnostic 404 template until we get better support for this.

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Thank you. Disable the generation of 404 pages in the configuration file (disable404 = “true”) and created a regular page with template 404. This method works correctly.


Is this still an improvement needs to be implemented?
I spent some time trying to customize my 404 page however I am not able to find a good easy solution
It seems 404 should not have a front matter under current approach?