2020 Web Almanac -- State of the Web Report

Hey all, The HTTPArchive just released their 2020 Web Almanac and Hugo makes an appearance in the Jamstack section :

The year-on-year ‘Adoption’ numbers seem a little … well, maybe someone with more stats. knowledge can chime in.

Hugo makes a good showing in the User Experience section for sure!


I am not surprised. Everyone prefers to use what they are familiar with and for better or worse most people are familiar with JS frameworks.

With that said nothing beats Go static binaries from a maintenance, speed and UX point of view.


It should be noted that our analysis is limited by those Jamstacks that make themselves easily identifiable using Wappalyzer. This means our data does not include some popular Jamstacks like Eleventy which make a deliberate choice to not make themselves identifiable. While we would ideally include all Jamstacks, we believe there is still plenty of value in analyzing the significant data we do have.

“State of the websites that are visited by users of the Wappalizer”-Report seems more fitting.

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