[0.74.3] JQuery UI Autocomplete


Since few versions about Hugo, I use on homepage the JQuery UI Autocomplete to obtain a little search engine.
(I wroted this article on Dec 2019)

With 0.74.*, the JQuery code has generated, but not run; see: https://doc.huc.fr.eu.org/en/
(the code is viewable on https://framagit.org/sh-web/hugo/doc.huc.fr.eu.org/)

I am not saying that the problem comes from Hugo.
I’m the webhoster @home, on OpenBSD 6.7, with nginx webserver…

Any idea/suggestion?

Check the browser console on your website. For instance popper.js is not loaded because the security hash seems to be invalid. The other error messages appear to point to jquery also not being loaded (probably because it would have run after popper and is blocked by that error).

Try removing the security hashes and see if it starts working again.

OK, all SRI are deleted.
But, it is not execute.

As you can see on this screenshot, JQuery hitself seems hang!

OK. It seems I found the reason.
I used the JQuery slim.js; this not supports few functions.
With JQuery normal, it’s OK, again!


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