Zzo theme: baseURL with subdirectory in Github 404 Page not found

I use zzo theme and deploy to github
first i can deploy to my repository example: https://booksreview.github.io/ and this is work normal.
and i want too deploy again in another repository example: epic-books
i already set baseURL in config.toml with https://booksreview.github.io/epic-books/
basically is can access in that url
but i get ,404 Page not found
how i can fix this bug

You need to share your repo for people in this forum to have a look at the project setup.

this is my repo

@dual_bios Your workflow looks old. Please refer to the latest readme.

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And you can add public to .gitignore

Do you have any reason to split repositories source and epic-books? If you can merge them into the single repo, you can push your build assets to gh-pages branch and you do not need to use a personal access token.

i want to try deploy with only 1 github account for multiple web

I do not know what you want. But creating an organization looks good for you on this case.

I have read your source repo. You are arranging the zzo theme by yourself.

In this commit, you changed the file as follows:

{{ partial "head/styles" . | absURL }}

This change does not work as you want.

You may have made some other mistakes. Why don’t you start with the original zzo theme first? And ask the problem for the theme author in your issue.

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