Xmlschema for dates?

Is there a simple solution for xmlschema dates as there is in Jekyll?

In Jekyll I have:

<time datetime="{{ page.date | date_to_xmlschema }}" itemprop="date-published">{{ page.date | date: "%b %-d, %Y" }}</time>

I do something like this:

<time datetime="{{ .Date.Format "2006-01-02T15:04:05Z07:00" }}">
     {{ .Date.Format "January 2, 2006" }}

I think there are some good date format examples in the beta version of the docs: https://hugodocs.info and if you don’t find what you want from above, you’ll find Go date formatting help here:

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Specifically, https://gohugo.io/functions/format/

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Ok, that is great!

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