Wowchemy: Accomplishment Widget not working


I have been trying to setup the accomplishment widget but unable to do so. Documentation shows the different formatting style compared to the one in the github repository.

In documentation ( the method to add an accomplishment is given by:

  - organization: Coursera
    organization_url: ''
    title: Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    url: ''
    certificate_url: ' '
    date_start: '2018-10-01'
    date_end: ''
    description: ''

However, in github repo, it is shown as:

  organization = "Coursera"
  organization_url = " "
  title = "Neural Networks and Deep Learning"
  url = ""
  certificate_url = " "
  date_start = "2018-10-01"
  date_end = ""
  description = ""

Though, none of them are working.

Any help and clue how to make it work is highly appreciated.


First, when posting code to this forum, please wrap your code in triple backticks (```).

Second, the documentation you cited is in YAML format, while the code in the GitHub repository is in TOML format. If your site configuration file is config.toml, use the TOML fomat. If your site configuration file is config.yml, use the YAML format.

Third, Wowchemy has a dedicated discussion board. Please post your question there. See:

Thank jmooring!
I appreciate your response.