Windows 10 ransomware protection blocking Hugo

Installed Hugo on windows 10 using scoop
Went for "hugo new site "
Got this kind of error:
Error: Failed to create dir: … mkdir : The system cannot find the file specified.

Searched quite a lot till I saw one post regarding Window’s ransomware protection blocking python.
Turned off this utility (Security -> Virus protection -> ransomware) and Hugo started working.


This is the first report that I see about Windows Ransomware Protection blocking Hugo.

You really need to post the entire console ERROR for others to see it.

Second Hugo has nothing to do with Python.

Third I hided your crosspost in the other topic. That was a very old topic with a different issue than the one you report here. Also we discourage posting in old topics without very good reason.

Please have a look at:

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Hi Alexandros,

Thanks for your feedback.

Comments below.

The other day I spent ~2-3 hours on making Hugo work on my machine. It was blocked by that ransomeware protection mechanism that windows utilize. Only after disabling that Hugo started generating the static content.

I am trying to help you guys. Other windows users may face similar difficulty. Your call.




It would be ideal if you posted the full error message that you mentioned above when you encountered this issue.

Bug reports need these type of logs to be helpful to the ones who might be able to look into them.

I am afraid that descriptions are not particularly helpful.

However I do understand that since you got this working you may not want to go back just to post an error message in this forum. But in the future please post any console error messages that you may receive.

Thank you.

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