Will a hugo based single page with a lot of modals be slow?

I am trying to use ‘dimension’ theme which is a single page theme. I am using a lot of modals (about 100 or so). Will this making the loading of wpebsite too slow as it is a single page?

You are using it, so you should be the best person to answer that question. I have not looked at the theme and have no idea what “a model” is, so how should I know?

In Dimension theme as it is a single page all the .md files are combined in index.html. For example if I have “about” page and “contact” page, when I click on “about” the url will be www.mysite.com/#about. I guess this is what is called modal. Now if I have a lot of .md files when I build the site using the “hugo” command in the “public” folder there is only one index.html file and the content of all.md files are placed in that one file. The speed when I run it locally (local host) is fine. But I don’t know if I put up a website for example on Google cloud or Amazon what would the speed look like?

@tooraj go put it online and see. And understand that no one can answer a question like that, unless we took your code and put it on a website and tested it.

If you are new to building websites, my advice: be bold, make backups, and make mistakes. Realize risk aversion can’t be troubleshot.

Also, when you look at the page on your local machine, look how big the index.html is; if it is as big as all the pages on your site, it might not work, or it might, you still have to try it out to see.

@tooraj this is basically the same result as your other question. If you want help with hugo, please figure out how to present the site on a git repository that people can take a look at.

Sounds like your top index is simply displaying a list of your content. You can paginate that or limit it to a specific number, for example the last five posts. If you have a massive number of content files and are trying to show for instance the summaries, or, the full content of each on your top index, yes, it could potentially be slow.

The word “modal” (not model) usually refers to a popup, not just a static page like /about or /portfolio and so on. Where are you getting the # in the url. That seems off.

As for production site performance, it depends upon a lot of non-hugo matters like the server infra or the way you designed the site. I’m just pushing my sites to a typical server with apache. I don’t have performance problems.