Why "This topic is archived; it is frozen and cannot be changed"

I want to reply, but once achieved, there is no way. I don’t understand why it is so “mandatory” not to allow users to reply.
As far as I know, StackOverflow doesn’t make it so mandatory. It just shows a message like: “This question has more than 30 answers already. answers… Please note that you can click the edit link on any of these answers to improve them.”

No offense, I didn’t mean to compare the forums. I was just curious as to why.

If really achieved, no one can’t edit anymore; I would like to count at least a period of time (TBD) from the last answerers backward if no-one replies before the archive can be made.

Another question is, is it possible to edit answers for others in this community? Sometimes I want to improve answers for someone else’s answer, but I can only edit my answers. (Is it because of the lack of reputation?)

I will ask this question because I want to tell it that it’s similar to Golang.range, it is helpful to learn a little go before starting the Hugo template.

but unfortunately, I can’t do any replies.

I (mod) archived that topic.

  1. We discourage bumping old topics

  2. The last question was
    2.1 unrelated to the original (i.e. off-topic)
    2.2 already answered

It really should have been archived the first time it was bumped (5 years after the initial post), but there’s only a handful of us mods and things get missed.

One of the main reasons we archive old topics is because Hugo has changed a LOT over the years, and sometimes the original topic is no longer relevant to the current state of Hugo. Also, very often, the original discussion participants are no longer active in the forum.


The Discourse software only allows Level 4 users to edit all posts. Currently there are only 2 users who have that privilege and they also happen to be moderators.

Me on the other hand with my thousands of posts in this forum I am still only a Level 3 user.

But I really have no interest in editing other people’s posts and I think that other moderators don’t either.

As far as I know editing a post may happen only in the following cases:

  • If a spelling or syntax error is serious enough to affect the understanding of a sentence (but then again I do this very very rarely -I have better things to do with my time-).
  • A post does not conform with the community guidelines and needs to be removed.

This forum has few but important rules that need to be respected, as noted above by @pointyfar

And please note that we only care about the quality of contributions in this forum.

P.S. Just edited the small typo in the topic title. :wink:

Now I know this forum was created using Discourse. :sweat_smile:

I always thought I could do things like Stackoverflow, such as helping non-English speakers modify their wording a little better or helping newbies do code-format stuff.

If it’s not able to decide whether to approve it or not after editing, that is indeed a big problem.

If I were a moderator, I wouldn’t open this kind of access to outsiders too.

Yes, forgot to post that one.

Adding a code block is a common reason why we might edit a forum post.
Rendered HTML might omit portions of code if it is not properly formatted, hence a post might not be readable at all.

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