Why not use one config.yaml file rather than multiple files and directories?

I am using the Academic theme and am working off of a simple site R’s blogdown::new_site() creates. In the root directory, it creates a config.yaml file and also a subdirectory “/config” which contains “/config/_default” and files for configuring language, menus, etc.

The Academic documentation notes: “In older versions, the configuration is stored entirely in one file named config.toml.” Now the configuration is stored across multiple files and folders.

What is the appeal of doing this? Why is this good practice? For me, it just creates so much more clutter. Should Academic work if I want to move all of these files back into a single config.yaml file?

For most use case, having all the config in 1 file is the best.

  • But there are situations where that file can get big, esp. for multilingual sites
  • Also, if you want to have different settings for test and productions etc…

But as I said, for most uses, having the one config file is the best (in my opinion).