Why are tibbles inconsistently displayed?

Hey there folks,

I’m new to Hugo and I’m running into an issue displaying tibbles that I’m hoping I could some support on.

To provide some background of my workflow, I’m working with the blog down package in R studio and a Hugo them. I begin working on a new post in and Rmarkdown document that I will then knit into a markdown file that eventually makes its way to a GitHub repo and a netlify site.

I’ve been working on some posts that cover some statistical analyses and I’m noticing the that some output tibbles are inconsistently displayed. One tibble looks nice with the type of column (numeric, character, etc) highlighted in blue, while the second is bolded. There isn’t anything that I can tell from the .markdown file that would change how the tibbles are displayed and I’m perplexed as to what may be causing the inconsistent behavior. I’m including a screenshot of what I’m seeing, a link to my GitHub repo, and the site.

Link to GitHub repo:

Link to webpage:

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


Specify the language after the opening code fence. For example, do this:


List of supported languages:

Thank you so much @jmooring ! I specified r as the language on the .markdown files which did the trick.


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