Where does HUGO store its files when I `hugo serve`?

I’m trying to build a documentation with the amazing dock-dock theme. I’d never noticed this before (because hugo usually worked unbelievably fast), but it seems there exist problems when it tries to work with(I’m not even talking about rendering here) content with large filesize.

The problem

There is this nifty shotcode called attachments in the dock-dock theme that I really like. The idea is to link all the files inside child-folder\files. There is something I developed and, I am trying to write up a documentation on setting it up on an older system. It involves a few huge files. So, I was surprised when I dropped SQL 2012 Enterprise Edition.ZIP to the child-folder\files folder and hugo suddenly froze up entirely.

Previously, I had thought that everything on the hugo server render happened on a context basis. Obviously, that seems not to be the case as hugo froze up when I asked it to add an attachment to a large file of about 3.37GB.

Back to what I want

So, it is my hunch, but I think hugo is trying to copy the entire file somewhere else before rendering. I tried building a site with hugo and now it runs flawlessly on local. But this way, I still cannot test and modify on live-reload. Therefore, I’d like to know where the temp files are stored in hugo server so that I can directly copy there.

I reckon I didn’t need to type all of this useless information. But, I wanted to bring this to the attention of the devs. It could be something they would like to know. After all, performance is a feature here. :slightly_smiling_face:

It renders to memory, but there is a flag to make it render to disk.